It is a condition in which patients who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery once or many times before are re-operated due to visual or functional dissatisfaction. Of course, it is more risky, difficult and has a low success rate compared to primary rhinoplasty operations. Especially, as the number of surgeries increases, the risk and success rate also decrease. Causes such as scar tissue formed under the skin, cartilage preformed or cut, deformations in the skin, cartilage and bone losses, collapses on the back of the nose make it difficult to reshape the nose, sometimes it is necessary to take and use cartilage from the ear or ribs. Despite all this, I have been performing very successful revision surgeries. The important thing in revision is to evaluate the patient's expectations correctly and to predict a realistic result. It is necessary to explain to the patient that there may be a nose with acceptable defects rather than a perfect nose. The choice of a doctor in revision rhinoplasty should be very preliminary.