-Can nasal congestion be corrected in operations performed for the purpose of rhinoplasty?

Before rhinoplasty surgery, it is determined by a detailed examination whether the patient has an airway problem. Problems that block the airway, such as nasal curvature (deviated septum) and nasal flesh growth (turbinate hypertrophy), are corrected together with rhinoplasty in the same session.


-Is there a lot of pain when removing the tampons used after rhinoplasty?

We use a new generation of silicone tampons in the nose. These tampons are compatible with the inner surface of the nose and do not stick. Because of this, patients often do not feel pain when removing tampons.


-Can Rhinoplasty be done at any age?

Rhinoplasty surgery cannot be performed at any age. Bone and facial development should be completed. Bone development is usually completed at the age of 17 in girls and at the age of 18 in boys. That is, it can be done after the age of 17 for girls and after the age of 18 for boys. There is no upper age limit. However, rhinoplasty surgery is less recommended because other health problems are seen in our patients aged 50 and over.


-Can Rhinoplasty be done for everyone?

Rhinoplasty surgery cannot be performed for everyone. The health status of the person who wants to undergo surgery is important. If there is an existing disease, this condition cannot be ignored. Dec. Smoking is an element that creates negativity in this process. In people who smoke, rhinoplasty surgery is recommended after quitting smoking.


-Can nose surgery be performed during breastfeeding?

Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed on a person who is breastfeeding.


When can makeup be done after rhinoplasty surgery?

You can use makeup and facial care and cleansing creams 10 days after the nose aesthetic surgery. But you should stay away from products or procedures that will separate the nasal skin from the skeleton, such as syah dot bands, for at least 6 months.


When can I do sports after rhinoplasty surgery?

After 6 weeks after rhinoplasty surgery, you can start sports at a light pace. As you feel good, you can gradually increase your tempo. You should not lift more than 10 kg of weight at a time for at least 3 months.