Ultrasonic rhinoplasty has been a popular topic in rhinoplasty in recent years. In fact, Piezo is the name of a special device and works with sound waves. It is used in rhinoplasty for the purpose of shaping the nasal bones. In addition, this technological device is also used in brain surgeries and dental treatment. In brain surgeries, it is very important that the brain tissue is not damaged while the skull bones are cut. This device does not cut and damage the brain tissue underneath when cutting bones.


The ultrasonic nose surgery method has received FDA approval in America and has been used safely for many years.


Shaping the nasal bones is one of the most critical stages of rhinoplasty surgery. In the classical method, the bones are broken with a hammer and chisel and the nasal bone skeleton is shaped. It is difficult to create a controlled fracture line with this method. Unwanted fracture line or fragmentary fractures may occur. Bleeding, edema, swelling and bruising are more common. In ultrasonic rhinoplasty, we can get flatter and smoother lines by cutting the nasal bones at the angles we want. In other words, we reshape the nasal bone skeleton in the desired way by making controlled incisions, such as drawing bones with a pencil, and in this way, we obtain noses with more elegant, thin and natural contours. The biggest advantage of this device is that it does not cut the soft tissue while the bones are cut in the desired way. Since it does not cut the membrane covering the bone, the surrounding vascular structures and soft tissues, bleeding, swelling, edema and bruising are less common in patients undergoing piezo rhinoplasty. If there are problems that cause nasal congestion, they are corrected together with aesthetic nose surgery.


As a surgeon who has performed over a thousand rhinoplasty operations, I think that using this device is necessary and useful, and I use it routinely in my own clinical practice. The results are that I'm totally pleased.


 Briefly, the advantages of ultrasonic rhinoplasty without breaking nose aesthetics:

1) Controlled millimetre incisions are made in the bones. (Unwanted broken line will not occur).

2) Less bruising in most patients because the vascular structures are not damaged

3) Less soft tissue trauma

4) Less swelling

5) A faster recovery period is observed.